Jag trodde

Trodde att jag kommit längre.
Trodde att jag klarade allt,
Trodde på mig själv.

Sen står jag där, hon utanför.
Det var väntat, jag visste.
Visste, med min tur
Så skulle hon, komma hem

Jag gömde mig, allt för att inte
Inte se henne, såg honom
Han den nya, hörde henne.
Jag försvann, inombords.

Kunde knappt gå
Kunde knappt prata
Trodde att jag kommit längre
Trodde att jag klarade allt.

Men inte.

Slept in bed and went home from work

Well, went to work today, body was aching quite a bit in the morning, but I thought it would go over like it usually do when it is like that.
But does it? Nooo, Aching more and more and more and more pain, trying to stay as long as possible cause we weren’t that many that worked today, but I couldn’t take it any longer so I left at 16:00.
Now I’m just going to rest, and do nothing, got to cook food though.
And btw. of course just the time I went home it rained as hell. and now it is sunny outside again.

Slept in the bed tonight to, my back was dieing before this too, so I have to start sleeping in the bed every night now. Else it will get worse again, much worse.