Now it’s all gone

Went to work earlier yesterday, where there at 08:00 and did some cleaning, it was very neded. Alot of trashes that where left overs after the weekend and then we had alot of one-time pallets that where just laying around at work.

Mananged to fill up the container quite a lot, it was empty when I started except some smaller stuff.
Went home at 18:00, or more like I left work at 18:00, went in to the lamp shop next to OnOff, Bright 1-2-3 or something.
Found some quite nice lamps but I need to look around some more, need a good looking kitchen lamp and some lamps for the living room that looks ok. Found one kitchen lamp (SE) on IKEA that looks semi ok, but haven’t looked on it for real, thinking of a black one and a white kitchen table. Rest of the kitchen is white so can be real good looking, will check it out tomorrow, going to IKEA then after work, going to go in and work some extra.
So if you have any tips on some good lamp stores, I don’t mind shopping online as long as there are good pictures, just add a comment.
Well back to the day, then after the lamp shop I went into the City to meet up with Confused to go and see Ice Age 3 and celebrate her birthday from the day before. Ice Age 3 was quite, well I didn’t think it was a childrens movie, where alot of well comments that wasn’t child “safe” according to me, but it was good and we had a great time.
The new Harry Potter had premier the same day and there where some girls 15-16 years old that where dressed like Harry Potter people that where taking pictures on each other so there where always one person missing, so Confused thought of being nice for once, and went over and asked if they wanted a picture of all of them. The reply she gets is just “No”, does she look that terrifying?

Then we go to the subway, I wait with her for the train she is taking, then I’m going down to my train and sitting there for the 14 minutes that’s left before it goes. On the way home I talk with people on IRC all the time, but when I come close to Rågsved it starts feeling strange, cause I know that they should have picked up all things today. When I reach Rågsved I call Confused, and she’s with me when I open the door, and enter. I knew it would happen, but, It’s a chock, it still is, all is gone, the room is empty, all empty.
I thought I was prepared for this, but it doesn’t seem like it.

And today well, haven’t been that great. But finally I managed to get out for a while, went for some shopping, some new bread and vegetables. Took quite a while before I cooked food to, like 22:30 or so, but I ate. Going to sleep now.

Suprise visit

Got a surprise visit today at work, just at closing time Confused and her sister comes to the store 😮 I was quite chocked, who goes on a 1h train trip to come meet ME, they got to be crazy <3 Was very fun indeed.

Then we took the train into Stockholm and grabbed some food and just had a nice time.

My Weekend

My weekend really starts on the Thursday, when an old friend comes online on MSN, she get’s quite choked that I live in Stockholm now, since it was around 5-6 years ago we talked last time. Well, It gets late, to late, specially since I was going to open and close the store the day after. So we deciede to meet up the day after to do something. So said and done we SMS a bit day after where to meet and so. It ends up with us going to see Bruno, damn funny movie, just got to say that. Then after the movie we went to eat at Burger King.
After that we say bye, and we go home. Til… I Notice… My jacket… It isn’t… In my bag…
SHIT, home keys are there. Calling Confused, well she offers to meet up in City again, and we will go back to the cinema, so I took the train back in and so did she.
Luckily there where still people at the cinema, and they had found the jacket and it was no problem. Then we start talking more, and it ends up with me going with her home and we talk all night.

Then on Saturday when we woke up, we ate some, then her sister where coming to her too. so when she comes we make food and stuff, and then deciede to go to my place. To twist the sleep right me and Confused stays up while her sister sleeps. And today we cooked food, Wok!

But I am like, tired… as hell now.

So night! And, I will NEVER EVER forget my jacket anywhere again 😉

Walking and swimming today

Where out walking today, Petter picked me up and we drove to Kungens Kurva, went to Jula and I bought a bigger BBQ. Ate a bit and then we walked to Gömmaren, wasn’t that far as I thought.

Walking to Gömmaren
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Walking back to car
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Walking in Sickla
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