Confused, Parents, IKEA again

Well, today I was planning on sleeping a bit longer today to catch up a bit, well I know you can’t catch up on sleep but I can give the body the rest it needs. BUT I forget to set my phone to silence, so I get waken up by it. But then, it was all good cause then I saw a SMS from Confused asking if I wanted to do something today. And since I already was awake, sure. So 2-3-4h later she arrives and we play some singstar and well… She owns me… Also most of the old records gets owned.
Didn’t think she was that good, then we go out and take some photos, walk around the area here and say hello to the Bäääääs (lamb), and Muuuuus (cow).

Then at 18:30 or so my parents arrive after being delayed queue at the road due to some accident, we unpack the car alot of things in it and go straight to IKEA. We just had 40 minutes on IKEA but since I knew what I was after we could pick it up quite easy. And when we stand there grabbing the chars I’m after. I hear “Eriksson what are you doing here, taking our chars?”
Was an old work colleague from the old store I worked in, he was lucky that I didn’t need more then four chars, cause he needed six and there wasn’t that many left.
Then I took the decision about the sofa table at IKEA, had looked on one table but it is to low and to width for my sofa, so I took a regular LACK sofa table.
Both a bit higher and ok width to also fit my new leg resting thing.

Also got Guitar Hero today, even x 2, Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Legends of Rock, so want to rock!? Just poke me 🙂

But now sleep! Night!

Sister on visit, IKEA, Mio, BBQ

My sister and her partner where on visit today, where sleeping when they came though I knew they where coming at 9:00. But I woke up by the door bell lucky enough, since I had my cellphone on silent.

We went to the new store BO-X first of all to check the stores there, no fun really some good looking lamps, but no good looking prices.  Where in at the kitchen stores, that sell complete kitchen quite cool looking kitchens.
Well then we went what we came for, IKEA, for a kitchen table, and I found one, really the one I was looked at the first time I was at IKEA. Waiting with chairs tho, wasn’t big enough car first of all, then I want to think some what type of char I want.
I didn’t buy any of the lamps I had looked on before, found a new ALOT cheaper and still very pretty as you can see on the pictures.

We also went to MIO, since that is where I got my sofa cheap as hell, 1/8 of the original price. Well and I did it again… Found a footstool for 400SEK instead of 1750SEK. So well after some thinking I get that to, and I’m planning to get a smaller sofa table then, so I can use both in a good way.

Well when we came home we started to set up the lamp, then put the table together, seems like a real stable construction.  And the best part, I can use BOTH add on parts and I can still open the fridge! Awesome!

Then we finished of with some BBQ then they had to go home so they didn’t have to drive that late.

A very nice day!

Standup, funny, as hell

Well I where on stand-up tonight, got the tickets this morning, seemed like fun and lately I’ve been watching more and more clips from Magnus Betnér so could as well just go and see him too. And well the whole night was real good, all that where there where amazing, one was quite well not my kind of comedy. Felt, stiff somehow but then it was his style.

Magnus Betnér – 5/5
Nour El-Refai 6/5
Fritte Fritzon 4/5
Messiah Hallberg 3/5
Dag Sörås 6/5

Dag was the Norwegian comedian, not many that understood what he said I think, but with my one year in Norway I understood most of what he said, and he was real a real funny guy.
Well about other things, I finally got a new halogen lamp for the lamp downstairs and then I bought one more for photo, just need to mount it on the tripod I got. Then I just need to build a Light Ring for portraits and for cool effects in the eyes!
But now sleeeeeep.

Meeting up with old neighbours

Today I met up with my old neighbours from Malmö, went for lunch and talked quite a bit about all and nothing, was real nice. Then on the way from the lunch we went into some stores and I found a REAL good looking lamp for the kitchen, wasn’t that much more expensive then the first one I looked on, the one on IKEA, 1290 SEK for this one here.
We also go into a shirt shop, that have 50% on everything in the store, not that it was cheap, it was still expensive, cause 50% of very expensive is still expensive. I look around on the shirts, cause I have a hard time finding shirts extra-slim fit that fits me good. Well, I end up buying two. One regular black and one striped, the one I wanted didn’t exist in slim-fit at all and they didn’t have the right size at home.

Was a real nice salesman there really recommend that store if you are out after shirts and want good service, The Shirt Factory on Götgatan.
I bought one of theese but in black, and then the other one isn’t on the webshop, but you find it here, 303-Tender, should be on first page.

Then after the shopping we went back to there hotel and relaxed abit on the roof, they had a open bar there so we sat and talked there a bit over some ice cream and some drinkable fluid.
Shortly, a very nice day! Indeed!

Then when I came home I relaxed a bit and watched some TV. And while I was making “food”, hot dogs, I saw that the milk, TWO OF THEM, had both expired in date. Got to get better on cleaning on the fridge.

Moved around the furniture today

I did it, finally, After spending most of the time in the bed, didn’t want to do anything, or I did want to move the bed and all, but I just couldn’t. Have been a real shitty day today, went out to leave some empty plates in the kitchen and when I walk back to the room, I see the big empty room, and I just starts thinking of all, that I am alone in this damn big apartment. Ends up with me laying in the bed, computer turned off. Just laying there. Not sure how long I spent there, but after a while I turned the computer back up, and MSN started popping up boxes asking where I went.

Then finally, I manage to get the power to do something, starting to think how to do it the easiest way and I come up with a easy idea, and it worked. Was so easy to move all things around! If you want, please comment the result!

Room, should I move things around?

Well I am thinking of moving some stuff around here in the room. The bed got a glitch atm at the pillows on like 10cm cue to that the bed is 140cm and the wall is like 120cm before it gets into an angle. So I am thinking of moving the bed to where the desk is and move the desk to where the bed is. What you think?

Or should I just make like a shelf at the back of the bed to cover up the glitch?

Out today at Medis

Opened and closed the store today, where quite ok today, could be better, it can always be better. Tomorrow me and Tugge are going to come a bit earlier so we can pwn each other in Counter-Strike, Qpad is having demo-tour in the store so they got two computers set up and we can’t really play when we work, so we will just come a bit earlier.

After work I met up with Pravin at Medborgarplatsen and he had found a table outside at Snaps, so we sat there for some hours and talked and had a great time. Then afterwards we ate some Gyros, got to say, the one on Grekiska Kolgrillen is way better, but it was fine enough.

Well that was my day really, not much exciting happening today, except met this upcoming Swedish musician, Miguel Bonett, he don’t have that much music on the Myspace page right now but there where coming more, worth keeping an eye out for! Heard some of his other songs, and got to say, very high standard and very good lyrics. So keep your eyes open for him!

Well soon of to bed!

Work, IKEA and old Work

Worked some extra today, didn’t fell as it was needed but then, more money for me! Went in and took some pictures on the lamp I was thinking of on Bright 1-2-3, it is picture #1 and #2. Thinking of that lamp for downstairs livingroom, where there is a bit lower in the ceiling, don’t want people hitting there head in the lamp.
Went into the store next to it to check out some cool lamps they had there, looks like a camera tripod, but as a lamp, not that expensive neither like 110€ or so, thought they would cost more, and best thing is there was one version in white.

Then I finally where on my way to IKEA where i walked around for almost one hour, found a table that looked good (SE)  (picture #3). Looked on the lamp i showed in the post yesterday, it was ugly as hell, found a new lamp tho.
IKEA PS BRASA (SE) looked alot better a bit bigger, the other one was so small somehow, the PS BRASA was a bit bigger but not to big.

Well finally I got to the legs to the bed that I was going to get, and got those and a support leg for the middle of the bed. On my way out I got stuck for some useless boxes, damn IKEA, where you can put vegetables in and open up easy… Like I didn’t have that already, well it looked good to use.

So when I’m done at IKEA I go over to my old work place and wait till the clock turns 20:00 so they close and Petter quits, except Petter was closing so I sat down on the backside and computorised a bit. Then on the way home to me we drop of Pravin at Älvsjö-station.
I cooked some dinner for me and Petter, we sat and talked a bit, then he had to go home, he was tired, and it noticed he wasn’t that responsive.

And now, I am going to sleep, opening and I think I am closing tomorrow to.