Gömmaren, Take #2

Well I went back to Gömmaren today with the aim with walking around instead, so finally I found a place to park the bike close to the water, then I started walking.
Was a very nice round not very long neither, just around 3-4km, so it is a very nice round to do if you have some hours free.

Ride to Gömmaren
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=fsnuwryxneey8feuxms0eucjl0ue7ykm.kml}]
Walk around Gömmaren
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=vlvqmdas8atssgkrmanld0m4jfdddnaw.kml}]
Ride from Gömmaren
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=tqwfqebqqqikicqnsnittobnlfnjxobb.kml}]

Bicycle ride to Gömmaren and visit at Petter

Where out bicycling some, where planning to cycle around Gömmaren, well forget that, gave up after a while and cycled to my old workplace instead and hanged out there a bit til I cycled home. Maybe going to do another try tomorrow, and leave my cycle somewhere and walk around instead. Cause it is a very nice place else.

Cycle ride to Gömmaren
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=b54kx5o9ae6pg1ntvjpj5glftbois7g3.kml}]
Trying to Cycle/Walk around Gömmaren
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=0uok6o3lijn1oedjoouvbnvfhrozq5vm.kml}]
Cycling to old workplace
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=ahjrg74llapqizc0qyra4rhmfvjnqcdx.kml}]
Cycling home
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=z7zfg1ountntxnkuuciuqokezlltwhsx.kml}]

Cycling around the area

Where out cycling some just now, kinda knew where I wanted to go, but well I went wrong way, and then finally I found it, was quite steep hill, from 40 meter to 130 meter on less then one minute cycling 8-11km/h. Clock is just 12:40… Went up early today, wonder what I should do today.

[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=pvih4jikr4kx3q84xa7f5zz3b743cgrq.kml}]

Filling the fridge after vacation

Cycled down to the local store to get some stuff to fill the fridge, was quite empty now after the vacation. Got some lunch too, a BIG Kebab, alot of it is still in the fridge, couldn’t eat all. Yeah real healthy I know, but tonight I’m going to make some more healthy food. Thinking something like lamb with mushrooms, garlic, and regular red onion.

Maybe I’ll take a round with the bike later, can’t stop biking just cause I’m not in Ystad anymore. (on the map it says that my top height was 190m, well the GPS was drunk, maximum height is around 80ish meters here. Just noticed it is way off on the plotting on the way to the store too, could be that it is the first time I use the GPS since I came home. Maybe took some time to find all satilites.)

[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=90y0ebpbph62lnbiqconj66fxp9udmrt.kml}]

Night cycling before going home

Took a ride down to the beach here in Ystad and back, needed something to do, started thinking again and needed to clear my head a bit.
Was quite nice down there, to bad I didn’t have any blanket or something with me, then I could have just sat down, and watched the ocean.
The cellphone don’t take perfect pictures, not even good pictures, in the dark. Well it is always something.

Going to start packing my things now, and then go to bed, we are driving of early tomorrow

[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=mbdv9vnsflq94ksfa0a5v7av6fqawy6e.kml}]