So Failsail has ended

So Failsail has ended kind of, sitting on the bus home to Stockholm now. And all I can really say is…
“just jumping jermans with jackets and jpses”
Well, yes, you won’t get much of it, I can see that.

Have had a great time, but alot of failage, all from hitting head in stuff til dropping anchor and fishing cable. We have done the most really, except sailing… Damn weather, had good weather three days, where one of them where first day where we where going in Oslofjorden and not really a good place to start sailing at maybe with a big phat boat.

So we really just had two days of good sailing, rest was really laying in harbour due to class 1 warnings or going on engien. But then, we had a great time, I did anyway.

Started raining the last night when we where going to leave, so on that part we have been real lucky, just sun sun sun, as you may have seen on the lobster pics.
But still, no wind or wind on wrong way. As you see on the last days sailing there is one part when we go backwards some… Well, we sailed there, back. Thats where we swapped to engie and continued for alot of hours, and more hours since Skärhamn was full.

Then we came to the most fail harbour ever… Marstrand, the most expensive piece of junk I have ever seen or been at. 300 SEK per night for no water, shitty spot just at harbour entrance and 40 meter to electricity.
A lot of Q Q now but it did really suck, what sucked even more that the guy we had rented the boat of came one hour later then said + he was going to put a smaller boat into the water that took around one hour extra more.
which made us come quite late home.
Then Patrik and Helene had to leave the car too, so they didn’t have to think about that afterwards.

Well shortly again, I had a great time, a lot of failage but still a good time.
Thanks everyone!