What have happend so far

Day 1 – Sunday

We got to the boat at around 11:00, two of five where late cause they couldn’t find the bus, but one hour after the first bus went the found the bus and came around 12:00. We packed the boat and left the harbour and when we had gone on motor a while we tried raising the back sail for the first time, went “OKish” but it got stuck and we worked against each other.

Day 2 – Monday

This was the first time we used sails almost all the time, had to take them down due to hard navigation in the end, a lot of shipwrecks laying around and not that good deep. Went good, some failing happened of course, but what else on a failsail?
When we got to Bolärne we where there quite early, so we had some time to walk around there, was a intresting place. The resturant opened 19:00, same time as the Shop down at the Harbour closed.
Except one thing – We sat there waiting outside the restaurant, 19:10, 19:15, 19:20. Then we see the Chef walking against the door and lifts his arms up like “WTF is going on, where is the Servant?”.
So he takes our order, and serves the best damn food I have eaten in a long time, but then, we cant pay one hour later cause the servant has STILL not arrived. So he has to borrow Helenes phone to call him up. 20 seconds later we see the same red van that drove from the shop to the showers earlier to get thingies to insert into the shower, and to add, theese showeres where like 200m from the Shop… So was the restaurant…
Well the tactic worked me and Brad ordered desert so, well yeah!
Was a real cool Chef though laid-back and relaxed and cooked awesome food.

Day 3 – Tuesday

This day we sailed to Strömstand and it went ALOT faster then expected we left Bolärne pretty late, but we had good winds and we did a good job with the sails so we managed to get here early and get a good side parking. I think its the easiest to park this big mofo like that then having to shout to Patrik “STOP STOP STOP” when we almost drive straight into the harbour. It’s a so long boat so you can’t really see the front what’s going on. We went to some restaurant here that had real good food to, but Bolärne was better according to me, think Helene and Brad was happy they had a big serviing plate full of seathingies, shrimps, crawfish, mussles and alot of other stuffies. Looked pretty awesome.

Well that’s really it right now, well I could write more but we need to check the weather a bit more and decide what to do. To move or not.