Confused, Parents, IKEA again

Well, today I was planning on sleeping a bit longer today to catch up a bit, well I know you can’t catch up on sleep but I can give the body the rest it needs. BUT I forget to set my phone to silence, so I get waken up by it. But then, it was all good cause then I saw a SMS from Confused asking if I wanted to do something today. And since I already was awake, sure. So 2-3-4h later she arrives and we play some singstar and well… She owns me… Also most of the old records gets owned.
Didn’t think she was that good, then we go out and take some photos, walk around the area here and say hello to the Bäääääs (lamb), and Muuuuus (cow).

Then at 18:30 or so my parents arrive after being delayed queue at the road due to some accident, we unpack the car alot of things in it and go straight to IKEA. We just had 40 minutes on IKEA but since I knew what I was after we could pick it up quite easy. And when we stand there grabbing the chars I’m after. I hear “Eriksson what are you doing here, taking our chars?”
Was an old work colleague from the old store I worked in, he was lucky that I didn’t need more then four chars, cause he needed six and there wasn’t that many left.
Then I took the decision about the sofa table at IKEA, had looked on one table but it is to low and to width for my sofa, so I took a regular LACK sofa table.
Both a bit higher and ok width to also fit my new leg resting thing.

Also got Guitar Hero today, even x 2, Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Legends of Rock, so want to rock!? Just poke me 🙂

But now sleep! Night!