Sister on visit, IKEA, Mio, BBQ

My sister and her partner where on visit today, where sleeping when they came though I knew they where coming at 9:00. But I woke up by the door bell lucky enough, since I had my cellphone on silent.

We went to the new store BO-X first of all to check the stores there, no fun really some good looking lamps, but no good looking prices.  Where in at the kitchen stores, that sell complete kitchen quite cool looking kitchens.
Well then we went what we came for, IKEA, for a kitchen table, and I found one, really the one I was looked at the first time I was at IKEA. Waiting with chairs tho, wasn’t big enough car first of all, then I want to think some what type of char I want.
I didn’t buy any of the lamps I had looked on before, found a new ALOT cheaper and still very pretty as you can see on the pictures.

We also went to MIO, since that is where I got my sofa cheap as hell, 1/8 of the original price. Well and I did it again… Found a footstool for 400SEK instead of 1750SEK. So well after some thinking I get that to, and I’m planning to get a smaller sofa table then, so I can use both in a good way.

Well when we came home we started to set up the lamp, then put the table together, seems like a real stable construction.  And the best part, I can use BOTH add on parts and I can still open the fridge! Awesome!

Then we finished of with some BBQ then they had to go home so they didn’t have to drive that late.

A very nice day!