Standup, funny, as hell

Well I where on stand-up tonight, got the tickets this morning, seemed like fun and lately I’ve been watching more and more clips from Magnus Betnér so could as well just go and see him too. And well the whole night was real good, all that where there where amazing, one was quite well not my kind of comedy. Felt, stiff somehow but then it was his style.

Magnus Betnér – 5/5
Nour El-Refai 6/5
Fritte Fritzon 4/5
Messiah Hallberg 3/5
Dag Sörås 6/5

Dag was the Norwegian comedian, not many that understood what he said I think, but with my one year in Norway I understood most of what he said, and he was real a real funny guy.
Well about other things, I finally got a new halogen lamp for the lamp downstairs and then I bought one more for photo, just need to mount it on the tripod I got. Then I just need to build a Light Ring for portraits and for cool effects in the eyes!
But now sleeeeeep.