Meeting up with old neighbours

Today I met up with my old neighbours from Malmö, went for lunch and talked quite a bit about all and nothing, was real nice. Then on the way from the lunch we went into some stores and I found a REAL good looking lamp for the kitchen, wasn’t that much more expensive then the first one I looked on, the one on IKEA, 1290 SEK for this one here.
We also go into a shirt shop, that have 50% on everything in the store, not that it was cheap, it was still expensive, cause 50% of very expensive is still expensive. I look around on the shirts, cause I have a hard time finding shirts extra-slim fit that fits me good. Well, I end up buying two. One regular black and one striped, the one I wanted didn’t exist in slim-fit at all and they didn’t have the right size at home.

Was a real nice salesman there really recommend that store if you are out after shirts and want good service, The Shirt Factory on Götgatan.
I bought one of theese but in black, and then the other one isn’t on the webshop, but you find it here, 303-Tender, should be on first page.

Then after the shopping we went back to there hotel and relaxed abit on the roof, they had a open bar there so we sat and talked there a bit over some ice cream and some drinkable fluid.
Shortly, a very nice day! Indeed!

Then when I came home I relaxed a bit and watched some TV. And while I was making “food”, hot dogs, I saw that the milk, TWO OF THEM, had both expired in date. Got to get better on cleaning on the fridge.

Göra slut i Radio?

Well om man gör slut i Radio får man vara beredd på att bli ägd.

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