Moved around the furniture today

I did it, finally, After spending most of the time in the bed, didn’t want to do anything, or I did want to move the bed and all, but I just couldn’t. Have been a real shitty day today, went out to leave some empty plates in the kitchen and when I walk back to the room, I see the big empty room, and I just starts thinking of all, that I am alone in this damn big apartment. Ends up with me laying in the bed, computer turned off. Just laying there. Not sure how long I spent there, but after a while I turned the computer back up, and MSN started popping up boxes asking where I went.

Then finally, I manage to get the power to do something, starting to think how to do it the easiest way and I come up with a easy idea, and it worked. Was so easy to move all things around! If you want, please comment the result!