Out today at Medis

Opened and closed the store today, where quite ok today, could be better, it can always be better. Tomorrow me and Tugge are going to come a bit earlier so we can pwn each other in Counter-Strike, Qpad is having demo-tour in the store so they got two computers set up and we can’t really play when we work, so we will just come a bit earlier.

After work I met up with Pravin at Medborgarplatsen and he had found a table outside at Snaps, so we sat there for some hours and talked and had a great time. Then afterwards we ate some Gyros, got to say, the one on Grekiska Kolgrillen is way better, but it was fine enough.

Well that was my day really, not much exciting happening today, except met this upcoming Swedish musician, Miguel Bonett, he don’t have that much music on the Myspace page right now but there where coming more, worth keeping an eye out for! Heard some of his other songs, and got to say, very high standard and very good lyrics. So keep your eyes open for him!

Well soon of to bed!