Work, IKEA and old Work

Worked some extra today, didn’t fell as it was needed but then, more money for me! Went in and took some pictures on the lamp I was thinking of on Bright 1-2-3, it is picture #1 and #2. Thinking of that lamp for downstairs livingroom, where there is a bit lower in the ceiling, don’t want people hitting there head in the lamp.
Went into the store next to it to check out some cool lamps they had there, looks like a camera tripod, but as a lamp, not that expensive neither like 110€ or so, thought they would cost more, and best thing is there was one version in white.

Then I finally where on my way to IKEA where i walked around for almost one hour, found a table that looked good (SE)  (picture #3). Looked on the lamp i showed in the post yesterday, it was ugly as hell, found a new lamp tho.
IKEA PS BRASA (SE) looked alot better a bit bigger, the other one was so small somehow, the PS BRASA was a bit bigger but not to big.

Well finally I got to the legs to the bed that I was going to get, and got those and a support leg for the middle of the bed. On my way out I got stuck for some useless boxes, damn IKEA, where you can put vegetables in and open up easy… Like I didn’t have that already, well it looked good to use.

So when I’m done at IKEA I go over to my old work place and wait till the clock turns 20:00 so they close and Petter quits, except Petter was closing so I sat down on the backside and computorised a bit. Then on the way home to me we drop of Pravin at Älvsjö-station.
I cooked some dinner for me and Petter, we sat and talked a bit, then he had to go home, he was tired, and it noticed he wasn’t that responsive.

And now, I am going to sleep, opening and I think I am closing tomorrow to.