Fun day at work after vacation

Well I had a good time at work today, alot of happy customers, which was very good for me. Of course there where some problems but then there always is, just have to handle them in a good way and make the customer happy instead. That is one of the more giving things to do, help customers and make them happier when they leave then when they come in.

A quite funny thing happend today, I feel quite bad for the customer tho, he had to feel quite well, I don’t know. But someone had to be the first to do just that.
On some Sony/Ericsson phones boxes it looks like the bottom is the opening, a lot of people DO open it in the bottom instead of the top, so he was NOT alone to do just that part. Except he didn’t find the phone, cause it was laying under holder which you can’t get up in a easy way from the wrong way.
What i feel that is MOST strange is that, the people he had talked with before me,  didn’t think of this.
I feel quite bad to show him where the phone was, tried telling him he wasn’t the first to open the box on wrong way, don’t think it helped thou. I hope it did, cause everyone can miss a thing like that.