Gömmaren, Take #2

Well I went back to Gömmaren today with the aim with walking around instead, so finally I found a place to park the bike close to the water, then I started walking.
Was a very nice round not very long neither, just around 3-4km, so it is a very nice round to do if you have some hours free.

Ride to Gömmaren
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=fsnuwryxneey8feuxms0eucjl0ue7ykm.kml}]
Walk around Gömmaren
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=vlvqmdas8atssgkrmanld0m4jfdddnaw.kml}]
Ride from Gömmaren
[xmlgm {http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/kml?file=tqwfqebqqqikicqnsnittobnlfnjxobb.kml}]