What are they whining about?

I don’t really get this, why are Islams whining about the pictures, what I have heard there newspapers have published ironic/comedian pictures of christian and other religions. And now it have gone so far that SÄPO – The Swedish Security Service, closed down one of the parties in Sweden and there news paper, cause they published a picture.

Muhammed Picture

How bad is that picture? I really don’t get why it have become a such big deal about it. We got something called the freedom to speak. And according to me the freedom to speak ways heavier then some rules a specific religion got.

If you don’t like it – don’t buy it – or live with it.

One thought on “What are they whining about?”

  1. well Bush put them up to it so that he could pretend to be friends with the Muslims and speak out against freedom of speech, which is a freedom he doesn’t really give 2 shits about 😛

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