Network trouble at home

Sitting and trying to figure out why in the world my X-box is being silly, cutting shoutcast streams, lagging over samba and all strange things. Have adjusted all firewall settings now to so it should be optimal for it, but it still messes with me.

Break, I hope this time

Well I have tried to take a break from AO several times, they haven’t lasted longer then some weeks. Hopefully the break will last longer and I will have more time to do RL stuff.
I will continue to code on the secret project2k23 and I got several fr00b accounts that I can login if I want to chat with all of you.

To all that are thinking about starting to play an MMORPG, don’t it will ruin your life 🙂

What are they whining about?

I don’t really get this, why are Islams whining about the pictures, what I have heard there newspapers have published ironic/comedian pictures of christian and other religions. And now it have gone so far that SÄPO – The Swedish Security Service, closed down one of the parties in Sweden and there news paper, cause they published a picture.

Muhammed Picture

How bad is that picture? I really don’t get why it have become a such big deal about it. We got something called the freedom to speak. And according to me the freedom to speak ways heavier then some rules a specific religion got.

If you don’t like it – don’t buy it – or live with it.